How to Use Communication to Build Customer Relationships

Podcast Interview:

Customer Service Podcast Interview

Using Communication to Build Relationships with Ellie Parvin

Recently I had the honor to be a guest on this new podcast:


Navigating the Customer Experience Podcast!


People who know me, know my YEARS of experiences in service positions that include customer service, magazine and event promotions, ad space sales account executive, public relations, retail, bank teller, roller-skating waitress, communication specialist, instructor, professor and more… I have served many, learned and grown immensely along the way.


Ellie Parvin is obsessed with the way people communicate and the various factors and environments that can alter the perception of information and meanings delivered and received between those communicating. Her passion for communication has led her to launch, which helps small businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals learn how practicing and cultivating communication skills and techniques can improve their lives and bottom lines.


Ellie had her first experience with customer service when she worked in her mother’s psychology practice. She says that customer service became personal for her from that young age.


“Caring for others is something that starts very early on, it kind of becomes your signature on how you are with every job, or everything you do after that”


She believes that customer service has changed globally over the past couple of decades, as companies are moving towards being more service-oriented.

“Customer service, at its core, is truly building and maintaining relationships through the way businesses and their staff communicate”


As much as customer service is about the customers, Ellie shares that it’s as much about the employees who work for a company. She says that employers need to look at the people they are hiring have heart, critical thinking abilities and want to implement the company mission.


It’s important that employees are nice to others, quick, thorough and they follow through on what they say they are going to do.


“They just need to care about people”

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Podcast creator and entrepreneur Yanique Grant serves up some fantastic questions that inspire me to share my tips for using communication to nurture and build customer relationships.


Take a listen and let me know what you think!


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About Ellie Parvin

Ellie is a Communication Consultant, Professor, Speaker, Writer, Mentor, Coach and has a passion for motivating and inspiring others by sharing her insight, expertise and lessons learned. She loves to teach and is a Communication Professor, as well as a Fitness instructor. She teaches Business Communication, Media & Culture, Public Speaking and Academic Writing. Ellie is obsessed with the way people communicate and how various personal and environmental factors can alter the perception of information/message/meaning delivered and received between those in communication. She received her B.A. in Journalism from San Francisco State University and M.A. in Communications & Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Published Thesis: Critical Theory and Gender Communication Studies in Small Organizations.

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