Ellie has been a wealth of knowledge for me and my team of coaches on a daily basis via her social media platforms and what she shares on her video trainings. I discovered her through social media after starting a workout program created by Chalene Johnson, at the time Ellie was part of her company, Powder Blue Productions. We instantly connected on shared love of fitness and life!


I had the opportunity to have Ellie speak to my team on a monthly virtual meeting/call; I can honestly say that within the same week, I saw changes in the way my team was communication and presenting info on social media. Also, her topics come up quite often on communication tips within our own calls. We are consistently applying the training she gave us and continue to follow her guidance. It is making a huge difference in my own business as an online health & fitness coach, as well as my own personal life and work when dealing with others. Ellie is a wealth of knowledge on communication tips and techniques. The way she presents her tips and techniques empowers with the confidence to apply and make these changes for success in your business and life.

- Pamela Moore – Occupational Therapist & CEO of The Fit Therapist (Diamond Beachbody Coach)


Ellie is an incredible communicator and motivator. She did a fantastic job speaking as a subject matter expert at my live event to my business fitness professionals group! She has a wealth of valuable knowledge from communication to social media, which she presents with actionable and relevant steps for implementation. I have also had the privilege of working with Ellie one-on-one. She helped me gain a better understanding of areas to improve upon in my business and even in my personal life, as well as introducing me to great tools to help grow my business reach.
I would highly recommend Ellie for team or one-on-one trainings. Not only will she help you expand your knowledge, improve your skillset and motivate you to get things done, but you can tell she genuinely cares about helping people grow and improving the lives of others.

- Rachael Parker – Founder of ACTIVEISM.CO


A friend of mine put me in touch with Ellie because I needed to get input and advice from an expert in the area of social media marketing. Ellie came highly recommended and she didn’t disappoint.

I was starting a project with a global company and needed advice on strategy and third party tools for social media marketing. She was quick to respond and was a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Her energy and zeal for all that she does is infectious and I am happy to have Ellie as a connection to my professional network.

- Gina Lopuck-Urquizu – Marketing Consultant


I went to one of Ellie’s live trainings and learned so much. Ever since then I’ve been thinking of ways I need/want to improve and change the things I’m doing on Instagram to improve my fitness business. Right now my Instagram is a miss-mosh of my personal life and my business combined. One day you see a pic of my pugs, the next you see a sunset and then by weeks end you see an exercise pic or video. I know I need to create a strictly business account but there is a fear factor in this. You know, starting new and fresh, getting followers and being consistent – Thank you Ellie keeping me accountable!

- Karen Pinnell – Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Specialist (NASM)



We love the monthly material [business communication tips] Ellie shares. Our company has been growing and we recently moved to a new office. Sometimes, we utilize and share her information for our weekly Meetings to help improve internal/external communication and educate our staff.

- Cilo Jaure – Owner of Cico Electrical Contractors